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Roundabout: Investigator Dr & Charthouse Rd

Location: Waikiki WA

Proform Civil was engaged to provide civil engineering design for a roundabout at the existing tee intersection of Investigator Dr & Charthouse Road. The works included geometric alignment, stormwater design and civil construction plans for a three way roundabout.

The roundabout is located in a built up residential area and the design needed to maintain access to multiple adjacent driveway's. Proform Civil undertook investigations for each driveway using Vpath vehicle turning path software to ensure some of the shortened driveway's were still accessible and that vehicles could still depart using forward gear.

The geometric alignment of the roundabout also had to consider the reinstatement of pedestrian crossing facilities, and have a minimised impact on conflicting services. Pavement cross falls and levels were carefully designed to ensure minimum longitudinal grades could still be maintained as well as providing a suitable tie to adjacent driveways and verges.

The installation of the roundabout has provided enhanced functionality to the intersection, increasing traffic flow and safety. The roundabout is now constructed and displays our enhanced capabilities for the civil engineering design of roundabouts.