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Intersection: Utakarra Rd and Eastward Rd

Location: Geraldton WA

Proform Civil was contracted to produce the geometric design, stormwater drainage, civil construction documents and construction estimates of a future road reconfiguration and tee intersection at Utakarra and Eastward Roads. The design would reconfigure the intersections and address current congestion issues and also accommodate a large redistribution of traffic due to residential and industrial area's been linked by proposed future road network upgrades. The project is a part of the City of Greater Geraldton's "Utakarra Road Network Upgrade Project" or URNUP.

The design project is a current Proform Civil project and is been processed in conjunction with surrounding URNUP intersection design's. The design brief was to accommodate right of way vehicles and pedestrian movements to local existing and future commercial and residential developments. A boulevard treatment has been adopted to accommodate surrounding environments.

The area is very flat with minimal opportunities to dispose of storm water runoff. Nearby streams and existing underground drainage networks were non-existent. Existing subgrade materials also possess minimal hydraulic conductivity properties. Proform Civil designed a storm water basin calculated to withstand run off caused by a 1 in 20 year storm and keep road carriage way gutter flows to safe and traversable widths.

Proform Civil was required to liaise with service authorities to obtain quotations and design advice on relocation of conflicting underground and overhead utilities such as power, water and gas supply.

Clients Feedback
"The City of Greater Geraldton has engaged Proform Civil for the design of a number of road projects. Dale's knowledge of local government engineering and his design skills are exceptional. Dale's work is of very high quality and he provides excellent value for money.
It has been a pleasure working with Dale and I look forward to working with him on other projects."
City of Greater Geraldton